• Luxury Sedan:3 passengers

    Luxury Sedan:3 passengers

    Our corporate Sedans are reliable and will get you where you need to be on time. Perfect for going to…

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  • Ultra Luxury Sedan:3 passengers

    Ultra Luxury Sedan:3 passengers

    For those who like to be seen in something special, Our Mercedes Benz sedan is the perfect choice. It features…

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  • Luxury Suv

    Luxury Suv

    The powerful V-8 four-wheel-drive Executive SUV offers a perfect blend of comfort, style & safety. The Cadillac Escalade offers spacious…

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  • Mercedes Sprinter 7,9,14 Passengers

    Mercedes Sprinter 7,9,14 Passengers

    Interior offers the advantage of four plush leather captain’s chairs in a two facing two configuration, allowing invaluable group interaction.…

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  • Limo Bus 20,30,40 PASSENGERS

    Limo Bus 20,30,40 PASSENGERS

    Our large, comortable bus is perfect for large parties (pre-wedding events, birthday celebrations) or corporate meetings and retreats.

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